La aventura siguiente // The next adventure

Hello friends and family! I am back in action with the blog.

It has been a whirlwind winter in Colorado, through which I learned a lot about myself and my current stage in this life. A lot of it is much too boring (and too personal) to blog about, so I’m gonna leave room for the good stuff. After scrambling for weeks to prepare to get up and go again, my bags are packed, coconut oil and travel yoga mat in tow, and I’M ON MY WAY TO ECUADOR!

Airplane life

For anyone who doesn’t know, about a month ago I was invited to re-join the Global Glimpse team as a site manager in Riobamba, Ecuador. So many opportunities lie in this for me: visiting and living in a totally new country, growing into a new role with more responsibility, a chance to do everything over (and better), and to learn and grow even more of course. How will it be more challenging than my time in Nicaragua? New dialect of Spanish, new language (Kichwa, the widely spoken indigenous language of Ecuador), new culture, working on my own to develop an itinerary for my students, adjusting to a new country and starting the job at the same time.. And most of all, the fact that there are few fellow foreigners in Riobamba (this is what I know beforehand~we’ll see!). This makes me excited and nervous; it’s a chance to immerse myself fully in my new environment and culture, but it will be harder to adapt and relate and not feel lonely as a foreigner. I’ve realized that when I was in Nicaragua, there were plenty of other non-Nicas that I got to know and befriended, which made the whole thing more comfortable because we were all in the same boat. Don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends are Nicaraguan, but it was nice to have a balance between all of the friendships that evolved throughout my time there.

I fit everything into my luggage!!!

Although I’ve had much less time to prepare than the last departure, it has been easier to go through the motions of moving abroad after having done it once before. The weather will be drastically different, and there are a plethora of different potential activities in which I could end up participating, which made packing an even bigger challenge than it usually is for me. Besides that and attempting to balance time with all of my loved ones before leaving, it’s pretty much been “okay, this again- I know how to do this.” Pretty cool to be able to say that!

With that precursor established, I welcome you to my new blog – Chels en Ecuador – as a sort of “second chapter” to Chels Vive Nica. I expect it will be a culmination of adventures and explorations, lessons learned, and comparisons between cultures and with my experiences in Nicaragua. After reading through my last blog, I noticed that I began with un montón de details and then it grew more general as I became accustomed to things; I assume it will be similar this time around. A disclaimer: not sure if I will have the time to keep up with it as frequently as before, since my posts became much more sporadic when I began working with Global Glimpse last year and I will probably prioritize my time in finding the city’s best cafe con leche and exploring new corners of the world. But I will certainly do my best to keep y’all updated and keep the prose flowing.



Lista para la próxima aventura 

One thought on “La aventura siguiente // The next adventure

  1. So happy for your Chels, and so happy you are blogging again. Can’t wait to hear about the newest adventure! Hopefully, we will be able to catch up with you during this one. Cheers, Denise


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